Enhancement Picatinny Coalition.

Who We Are

The Picatinny Enhancement Coalition (PEC) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation chartered to support Picatinny Arsenal and other NJ-based military installations. The goal of the PEC is to retain current missions as well as to demonstrate the capabilities of mission expansion through recent successes.


PEC's Mission

The PEC's mission is to provide a central information source for our State and Federal officials.


Why Support PEC

It is important to understand the value of Picatinny. Simply stated, Picatinny is vital to our nation's defense.


What is BRAC

A process used by the DoD and Congress to close excess military installations and realign the total asset inventory.

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A Brief History of PEC

PEC was founded in 2012 when Picatinny Arsenal was being considered for BRAC. Founder Steve George, having first-hand knowledge of the importance of Picatinny Arsenal to both the Military’s mission as well as to the state of New Jersey, immediately jumped into action to advocate for the Arsenal.  Picatinny Arsenal has been instrumental to the military’s research and development initiatives as well as their modernization priorities. It also has a large economic impact on the state, employing thousands of residents and providing revenue for the state. The PEC was able to enlighten and empower decision-makers to continue to support Picatinny Arsenal and the important work being conducted there. The PEC has continued to advocate for Picatinny Arsenal to ensure Congressional delegations, the media, and the American public understand the important role of Picatinny Arsenal.

Use of Funding

The PEC needs funds to conduct a strategic marketing campaign to enlighten congressional delegations, media and the American public on the value of Picatinny and how Picatinny’s mission can be enhanced. Picatinny Arsenal has been in existence since 1749 when the Middle Forge was established on the base of Picatinny Peak in NJ. It is responsible for over 90% of the lethality on the battlefield and supports all branches of the military yet Picatinny Arsenal is hardly a household name. Ask residents of NJ and many don’t know what or even where Picatinny is. The American public has very little concept of just how much Picatinny has contributed to – and continues to contribute – to our Nation’s defense. PEC’s mission is to educate the public and government on this very issue.

Sources of Funding

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Our Board Members

Our Board is a cross-section of leadership at Picatinny Arsenal.

Paul Chiodo
Steve George

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