Our Capabilities a The expertise and experience that exist at Picatinny are at the leading edge of Army transformation. All branches of our armed services have benefited from Picatinny.

Expertise & Experience of Picatinny Arsenal

The expertise and experience that exist at Picatinny Arsenal are at the leading edge of Army transformation, with personnel continually striving to produce armaments that will make this Army more mobile, agile, lethal and sustainable while reducing the logistics footprint.

Picatinny has a proven history of responding to new and, at times, unexpected challenges created as a result of the globalization of our political, economic, and military responsibilities. The men and women of Picatinny Arsenal have risen to the occasion time and time again by creating the weapons and ammunition that will ensure U.S. battlefield superiority and safety for our soldiers both at home and abroad.

All branches of our armed services, including infantry, artillery, armor, aircraft and engineers, have benefited from what Picatinny has created. From greatly increased lethality of guns, rockets, missiles and mines to greater effectiveness against a broad array of targets at greater ranges and increased accuracy and rapidity of response, Picatinny has been a driving force in our ability to meet the challenging and diversified threats that have tested our mettle before and will do so again.

At the Forefront
of Military Advances

New Jersey’s Team Picatinny has consistently been at the forefront of major technological advances and related support to the military missions of all three Services, through peacetime and all major conflicts. These capabilities range from research, development, and acquisition of products to support of expeditionary operations on land, by sea, or by air in defense of our nation.

Outstanding examples of technological advances by Picatinny for missions to all three services:

Nuclear artillery projectiles developed and positioned in Europe to offset the increasingly aggressive communist threat during the 1950s and thereafter
The first guided artillery launched antitank/anti-vehicular Copperhead and subsequent SADARM missile with sensors to assure high probability of hit and kill
Dual purpose improved conventional artillery and rocket warheads with sub-missileing to control fragmentation and shaped charges to provide anti-vehicular effectiveness and an order of magnitude increase in antipersonnel lethality.
Major increases in anti-armor penetration with tank-launched high velocity depleted uranium (DU) penetrators.
Patriot missile warheads designed to defeat oncoming missiles such as the SCUDS encountered in the Gulf War.
Major increases in the effectiveness of small and medium caliber weapons and rocket launched 2.75-inch warheads against a diversity of targets.
Anti-armor smart mines, most recently the Hornet, a very high reliability mine system with self-destruct capabilities to assure ultimate postwar battlefield safety.

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