Who Are We?

The Picatinny Enhancement Coalition (PEC) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation chartered to support Picatinny Arsenal and other NJ-based military installations. The PEC provides support to the maintenance and growth of the military missions of these NJ military bases. Read More.

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Call to Action

The BRAC process is again threatening Picatinny Arsenal. Picatinny Arsenal should not only remain open; its mission should be expanded. Picatinny has the capabilities and experience to take on additional Department of Defense responsibilities. Government and political leaders need to hear your voice. Public grass-roots support is needed to ensure Picatinny Arsenal remains open and is expanded.


Simply stated, Picatinny is vital
to our nation’s defense.


  • Picatinny Arsenal provides technology to our warfighter quickly to help save lives and meet the many challenges our warfighters face every day.
  • Picatinny helps ensure the freedom and security we enjoy by providing lethality to the battlefield.
  • Picatinny ensures our military has the greatest firepower and technology available.


  • Picatinny helps maintain the health and stability of the local economy in Morris County, NJ. Picatinny is responsible for thousands of jobs in Morris County and thousands more outside the county.
  • If Picatinny were subject to BRAC , extremely valuable human capital could be lost that supports the Army’s mission as well as in Morris County due to relocations.
  • Picatinny is in a unique position to provide lifecycle solutions to the warfighter.
  • Picatinny leverages its research and development funding with potential commercial ventures making it an efficient model for deployment of taxpayer monies.
  • A dormant Picatinny site will mean a major non-revenue asset to Morris County that it cannot afford right now.