Picatinny Location

Picatinny has a legacy of accomplishments and is poised for mission enhancement going forward. Here are just 10 highlights of what sets Picatinny apart and makes it so vital to the success of our military.

  1. Picatinny is American's singular source for expertise for lethality, explosives and firepower
  2. Picatinny designs a comprehensive range of warfighting items including small arms, medium and large caliber weaponry as well as custom special devices.
  3. Picatinny is a technological leader in complex fire control systems and software, munitions safety and decommissioning and logistics. Picatinny provides our warfighter with firepower leverage in both open battlefields as well as constricted urban warfare.
  4. Picatinny's customers include Joint Warfighter Support across the services as well as US allies and coalition partners.
  5. Picatinny is a key player in homeland defense technology development. Picatinny continues to develop innovation in explosives detecting devices, x-ray equipment, sensors, perimeter protection, port protection, non-lethal weapons and intrusion detection.
  6. Picatinny provides timely in-theater support and troubleshooting for deployed weapons systems.
  7. Picatinny is a full partner in every step of the military’s acquisition lifecyle and provides cradle to grave support.
  8. Picatinny is the DOD’s center for non-lethal weaponry and systems.
  9. Picatinny is a key player in the future of warfare armament weaponry and technologies.
  10. Picatinny's human capital talent pool is a unique blend of specialized, irreplaceable talent delivering creative out of the box solutions to military needs. There is no commercial or industrial equivalent to this mix of talent, knowledge and facilities.