Picatinny FAcilities

Picatinny uses unique laboratories and special facilities to evaluate prototype designs, thus reducing development cycle time. These facilities are also available to contractors and other government agencies that are part of the national energetic consortium established by Picatinny and the Army Research Laboratory.

As DOD’s Specialty Site for Guns and Ammo Picatinny houses both Navy and Army test facilities:

  1. Armament Technology Facility
  2. Propellant Surveillance Facility
  3. Advanced Warheads Development Facility
  4. Precision Armament Laboratory
  5. Center for Manufacturing Science and Technology Transfer
  6. Soft Catch Gun Recovery Facility
  7. Nano Manufacturing, Technology, and Education Center
  8. Armament Software Engineering Center (CMMI Level 5)
  9. High Performance Propellant Facility
  10. Pyrotechnics Research/Formulation Facility